For the people who view strip clubs with a stink eye and act as if they are too classy to go one let me breakdown why both men and women visit them. The reason people flock to Las Vegas Strip Clubs is for the fantasy factor. How many times have you walked down the strip, through the casino or night club and seen absolute stunners with the hottest bodies that you wish you knew how to pick up?

 At the strip club you might not be able to take these girls home at the end of the night unless your game is super tight or if she’s a “working girl” but at least you know that none of these girls will ever shoot you down, in fact if there’s anyone doing any shooting down it’s you! The strip club is by far the quickest way to having super-hot flirtatious nude babes rubbing their beautiful “ASSets” all over you; for a small fee of course.

If a fantasy is what you’re looking for, the girls at Sapphires Gentlemen’s club would be more than happy to help. Sapphire is not like all the other Las Vegas Strip Clubs off the strip. It is actually the largest one and has the most girls working there. It isgallery_01 also one of the most diverse and most convenient clubs you’ll find around Las Vegas.

Sapphires is 72,000 square feet! The building was formerly home to a gym before it was converted into the largest fantasy land in Las Vegas history. The building includes many cool amenities and two indoor pools.

The reception area is massive and so is the hallway that leads to the main room. Once you finally make it to the main room you’ll feel like you’ve just walked into one of those erotic scenes from the show “Spartacus” which airs on Stars TV network (if you haven’t seen the show you’re welcome). Next to fully nude bodies are literally everywhere from the common area tables, VIP booths, stages, and the overhead catwalk; seriously your jaw will drop when you begin to take everything in for the first time.

Aside from the main room, the club has a room that offers an all-male revue every Friday and Saturday until midnight, if you are a female and are looking for one that lasts longer I suggest heading to Olympic Gardens otherwise known as OG’s which is open until 4am. The club also has 10 skyboxes on the second level with different themes in each, an area for private lap dances, a champagne room and a karaoke room (why not?) that is often rented out by large groups. BB4a-oRCIAAac0t

Your fantasy continues when you start to take mental inventory of the ladies. At most clubs you’ll see a fair amount of extremely attractive women along with a few questionable ones, but the selection at Sapphires Gentlemen’s club is nothing short of top notch; only 8’s, 9’s and 10’s work here.

Another bonus is that the women aren’t all surgically enhanced blondes. While you’ll find some of those, you’ll also see light-skinned, dark-skinned, brunettes, red heads and girls with Russian, Asian or Latin accents.

In a way it’s kind of like Baskin Robbins with their 31 flavors.

In conclusion Sapphires Gentlemen’s club is a must see while you are here staying in Las Vegas. The girls are absolute stunners and the service is top notch, you will definitely not be disappointed with your visit here!

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